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Just a small guide to our website for those feeling lost.

The Forum

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  1. What do I do here?

    JetStream Games is here as both a reference for Game Maker and other game engines, and for news and reviews on video games and other media.

  2. Why become a member?

    When you become a member, you get access to more forums, the ability to post images, and develop your own web of friends.

  3. What happens if I don't follow the rules on the forum?

    That's easy. At first we will delete your comment or post. But if it continues, we will delete your membership.

  4. Where to help and learn about game development?

    If you want to help others or read what others have to say about game development, go to the forums, which is where a majority of our game FAQ will be.

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The Blog

  1. What is the blog?

    The blog is the place where we post news and game reviews, which is usually updated daily or every two days.

  2. How do I subscribe to this blog?

    If you are using Internet Explorers, on your bar, there should be a square button glowing orange that looks like waves in the center.  Click on the button, which will take you to the RSS feed page. The RSS feed page should ask you at the top if you want to subscribe. If you are using Safari, look at the url address bar for a button that is labeled RSS. Click on it and it will take you to the RSS page. Click on "subscribe to this feed" on the side.

  3. Can I add a blog post?

    Yes, but make sure that your blog post meets criteria. This means no advertisments, no immature content, and try to make the content relevant. If your blog post is in violation, it will never make it to the blog.

  4. My blog post didn't appear!

    a. We probably didn't accept the blog post for one reason or another.

    b. You probably did not catagorize your blog post.

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The Forum

  1. What is the forum?

    The forum is a place where members can post their own discussions on the given topic. Other members can comment on the post too.

  2. Can I post?

    Only if you're a member.

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  1. How do I become a member

    Just click on the side link that says "register here". You need an email to sign up.

  2. How do I edit my profile?

    Go to the sidebar and click on your username. This should bring you to your account profile.

  3. What's a moderator?

    A moderator is a person who looks over forums and comments to check for violations stated in the forum rules.

  4. What is an admin?

    Admin are like moderators and more. They have most of the same features that the site owner has. Only specially selected people will ever become admin (to prevent the takeover of the website).

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  1. What do you do here?

    The videos page is where members can post their own favorite videos from YouTube and stuff. 

  2. Can I post a video?


  3. Uhh, How?

    Their will be a button towards the top of the page (below the navigation bar) that will say "Add a video". Simply follow the instructions and hope your video gets a lot of views.

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Photos & Screenshots

  1. I don't know what to do?

    The name says it all. Post your gameplay and other gaming photos here. Make sure to watch what you put on this page, we might have to take it down.

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  1. What's a wiki?

    Just like regular wikipedia, you can add your own wiki pages which should contain tutorials and helpful tips for beginners on game, movie, music, and basic technology development.

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  1. Hrrrm?

    The downloads page is a place where JetStream Games loads their own tutorials and such in word, pdf, and other Microsoft Office forms.

  2. What is the New Releases Page?

    This is where JetStream Games pastes its new projects and software. Some will load to YoYo Games, a game hosting website.

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