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Max Payne Mobile iOS Review: RockStar Classic, Modern Average

Posted by -Jet- on April 17, 2012 at 5:40 PM

I have to admit that I have a certain bias towards anything and everything Grand Theft Auto and Rockstar, and in turn, was enough for me to look past the sheer age of GTA 3. Max Payne is a different story. While I certainly enjoyed playing the game on the PS2, it never struck me in the back like GTA 3. Needless to say though, Max Payne Mobile puts that irrational hate in a box, as it easily returns me back to the days where video games couldn't hypnotize you with next-gen graphics. Days when gameplay mattered.

In it's own right, Max Payne is gorgeous. On both iPhone 4S and iPad 2 (I don't have an iPad 3 unfortunately to test on), the game shines like a jewel. While certainly not as much as Gameloft's 9mm to say (a copy of the newer Max Payne games), it does manage to be somewhat decent. 

And that is where the game fails at. Where as Gangstar could never top Grand Theft Auto 3, 9mm greatly over-shadows Max Payne. Gameplay wise, though the controls can be personalized, I never felt like they worked, most particularly during slow-motion scenes against your various dim-witted thugs. At the same time, the effect itself will seem out-dated to those used to Next-Gen media. 

But I don't think that was what Max Payne is meant to be. What it is meant to be is a mere example on ow Rockstar changed the game, and how it is able to keep this tradition, with faitful ports. I can't say that younger audiences will enjoy the game, but if you loved Max Payne back in the early 00's, it will feel like a burst of nonstalgia. 

The game is also slated for an Android release, which I can only expect to have controller support like GTA 3 is. If you are like me, and want the feel of playing on a console, you better prepare your Tegra device, cause you'll definetly like this.

Max Payne Android Comes April 26th

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