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Quick iOS Review: Swordigo

Posted by -Jet- on April 2, 2012 at 8:35 PM

After my monthly hiatus from the world of iPhone gaming (and JetStream Games for that reason), I have had the pleasure of stumbling over my new fiancee, Swordigo, by the same people who gave us Crafted (who were too overwhelmed at the time to send me an early release). What seems like such a simple idea and process actually turned out to be one of the smoothest, fastest, and action packed games on our small and simple friend the iPhone. Swordigo is the long awaited heir to the Zelda iOS throne. Gamers bow down and show your alliegence.

Some would say I was being a little over-dramatic for an iPhone game. Which might be true. But those old enough to remember Link 2 would instantly realize the game's similarity. Swordigo starts off with a familiar green suited warrior being tasked with finding the 4 shards to rebuild the ancient Magiblade (cough%&^*Master-Sword#*) in order to defeat an evil warlock and bring peace to the world.

So yeah. You've heard this formula before. But other than Gameloft's Ocarina of Time "parody" Sacred Oddysey, mobile gamers haven't had the best luck quenching their thirst for the series that changed the lives of RPG fans all over the world. 

But what prevents this from being a mere copy? Well imagine a 2.5d remake of Zelda 2, with the option to customize your character, smoother sword-play, and in my opinion, a more likeable character set. The game has its share of humor, and brings that signature difficulty to a new level, making this game a task, but not impossible. 

So what is the lesson to be learned from this short article you have just now observed? Get Swordigo, definetly if you are like me and feel like you can't survive another day without the master sword and a familiar green tuniced warrior of light on your iOS screen.

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