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Six Guns by Gameloft Review: The Revenge of the Freemium

Posted by -Jet- on December 20, 2011 at 9:55 PM

Gameloft, in its quest to increase its popularity, has given into the temptations of freemium gaming. This normally wouldn't be a problem. If the game blew me away the way most of Glu Interactive's does. Instead, the 800 Mb download is an app riddled with graphic problems, poor gameplay mechanics, and an overall sinister revenue model.

Yes that's right, I liked this game hardly at all.

For one, the graphics. The game is compatible with phones dating back to the 3GS, but you might as well not even worry about it. Without an iPad 2 or an iPhone 4S, the textures and everything are downgraded to 2008 iOS style graphics that almost made my eyes bleed.

On the plus side though, the game looked fantastically stunning performing on the iPad 2.  

Gameplay wise, you start to expose the full brawn of the game's ugliness. I felt, while playing the game, that the camera was oddly positioned. And after getting through my quick rendition of the game, my hunch was confirmed.  Your character takes up a majority of the screen, which makes targeting your enemy more perplexing than the ordinary third-person shooter.

At the same time, aiming presents its own problem.  Gunning down hordes of enemy is not easy, as the lock-on targeting system frequently shifts between different enemies. One minute you might be anticipating an ambush on a mis-guided crook, the next minute, your gun is aimed towards the muscled thug with the huge  rifle ready to take you down.

When looking at the full variety of missions in the game, your missions are limited. Most of them involve either escorting a random civiliian out of a demon infested cave, or raiding some hut filled with some outlaws. And unlike the Gangstar series, this feeling is represented neither as fun or entertaining.

For the most part, the open world would have been a big bonus for me. But that is not the case, as most of the world is barren, and there is no real reason to actually walk around the landscape. Besides the occassional ambush or rabid coyote attack, there isn't a real purpose to it. 

Killing people in the game doesn't solve anything either, as most of the NPC's are fragile and almost dead anyway.

The game is slated as free, but don't let the title fool you. You may get around a couple of hours in, but as soon as you run out of ammo, its time to fork up money.  You do have the option to wait a while for your ammo to reload, but that pretty much distracts from the point. The process is stupid, and Gameloft should just return to where its good at, nice $6.99-4.99 mobile games. 

Overall, most of you will override my opinions based either on the fact that the game is by Gameloft, or because the game is free. That is fine, but just let me be the one who warns you before you start clearing space for this massive download.

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