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Best Fighting iPhone Games of All Time

Posted by -Jet- on December 14, 2011 at 5:05 PM

Truly great iPhone games are little and few, so if you are having a hard time, look no further than here for the best fighting games on the iPhone!


Blades of Fury

1. Blades of Fury by Gameloft

This Soul Calibur inspired app by Gameloft captures the fantastical aura of the Soul series, with nice combat, customizable controls, and a decent cast of fighters. This is one of the only 3D fighters on the App Store, and is the only one who I feel does it perfectly right. If you want to buy the game, you should probably buy the Gameloft Action pack (which comes with the two additional games "Hero of Sparta" and "Brothers in Arms".

 Street Fighter IV - iPhone

2. Street Fighters IV

Capcom has never been great at graphics, but what it does do right is the gameplay, capturing the escence of the classic fighter. Fighting roster is that of a regular Street Fighter game, and features a campaign mode, survival mode, and a multiplayer mode. 

If you are looking for more Street Fighter, also check out Street Fighters IV: Volt and Street Fighters 2.

Bruce Lee: Dragon Warrior

3. Bruce Lee: Dragon Warrior

Perhaps as one of the best looking fighting games on the appstore, you would be amazed. Its gameplay only rivals Blades of Fury, and the sheer amount of classic "Hiyaa's" make you remember those good ol' days watching no-sync Kung-Fu films. The style itself reminds me of the 3D Street Fighters's.

4. Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3

This mildly gory image up top describes Mortal Kombat in its fullest. Those mature and older will love this game's dedicated roster of fighters (including the show-stoppers Scorpion and Sub-Zero), and a host of spine-removing fatalities that will remind you of the days playing The Mortal Kombat Trilogy.

Difficulty level is insane (when playing Grandmaster difficulty), and Shao Khan requires a bit of extra cheating. But that hardly matters. Get it while it's cheap.


There are certainly more games, and feel free to recommend them in the comments, but as for me, these are the ones that truly shined.


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