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MoonCraft for iPhone and iPad: A Used Idea, A Bad Performance

Posted by -Jet- on September 28, 2011 at 4:40 PM

Most of you recognize within seconds where Mooncraft comes from. Whether it is the retro GUI icons or the white and brown blocks, either way you recongize how easy it is to have your game idea stolen on the App Store (No this isn't a GameLoft game).

Mooncraft takes that familiar procedure of creating blocks and placing them in three-dimmensional fashion to Apple's "Most-Important-Player" the iPhone, just in time to meet up with the Minecraft release for the Android.

My Story:

I start my day off, fresh off of another arrest in Gangstar on my iPhone by searching the appstore. Naturally, I check EA and Gamelofts line up to make sure I haven't missed something important. Nothing difference. After taking a look at ShadowGun and downloading the game (awesome by the way) I stumble upon the undeniable clone that I had been waiting for: Mooncraft.

I download the game, which unfortunately takes 10 minutes to download even though the app is only 10 mb. Once the app is downloaded, I clear off some space on my iPod (sorry Party Rock Anthem Music Video) and proceed to syncing.

Once the game is downloaded, I run up the app and get a fresh dosage of blocks.

My first impression is "Wow: This is [email protected]#$g dark". Just playing the game makes me feel dark and lonely inside. Quickly I realize that the game runs in a cycle, between day and night. The game feels like you are actually living on the moon.

After walking around the morbid and depressed environment of the moon, I eventually say "Hey, I want somewhere to live". Outside the generally rocky terrain roams an array of blockish monsters ready to get a quick astronaut meal.

My first attempt at making a cave is a failure.  I hopelessly spend a couple of days adding and constructing new blocks until a small little area is formed. Building on the iPhone's small screen feels hopeless many times, and in the end makes me want to chuck my iPhone into the backside of my computer. 

I hide out in my "house " for a while, but a creepy little creature wanders into my area of privacy. I shoot at the green alien block until it scatters away, leaving a small piece of green poop in my house. Curious, I pick up the piece of poop and examine it. After a quick analysis, I discard the piece into the open environment and get ready for another day of building.

As dawn comes, a certain wave of bravery washes over me. I feel as if I can tackle anything. I dash outside the house wielding the same piece of poop from last night and head off into the farther aspects of the moon. So far everything is fine, until I come face to face with another enemy: A space dude with a laser. I keep my distance as I ponder on my next action.

Should I build a wall of brick over the dude? Should I shoot him down? I choose what any regular American guy would do and pull out my gun. I shoot at the man and we start a fierce fight between me and him. Already adept at building on the go, I quickly build a fort to seperate me from the maniac. I easily gain the advantage and finish him off with one last blast of white block.

My first two days on the moon are over, but my life is far from over.

The Run-Down:

The game is a pretty good MineCraft clone for the iOS, but building tends to be very difficult. What could regularly take a couple of minutes in Minecraft can take a few hours on the iPhone on iPad. Controls are easier to manage on the iPad, but either way, they can still be a little choppy.

Dark environment makes the game pretty straining. 

Overall, the game is full of suprises, and as the game is free and is only around 10 mb, you probably won't be losing anything by downloading the game.

Peace for now,


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Reply mgis
1:56 PM on October 2, 2011 
Hey, could you please find out some info about crafting or other things
Reply -Jet-
4:14 PM on October 2, 2011 
mgis says...
Hey, could you please find out some info about crafting or other things

We've noticed a considerable amount of page views within the past few days, so we decided to open a Forum for it. Find it at:

Remember, anybody can post on the forum, as long as you are a member! Sign up on our sidebar. Spread the Word.
Reply SuperMonkey
4:24 PM on October 2, 2011 
What does the floppy disk do?
Reply Jake da man
9:56 PM on October 2, 2011 
SuperMonkey says...
What does the floppy disk do?

Your supposed to scan it, which gives you hints. The hints don't really help much. To scan it, open up the tab near the bottom and it shows you your inventory. Where it says scan items, put your floppy disk in it.
Reply -Jet-
3:41 PM on October 3, 2011 
Jake da man says...
Your supposed to scan it, which gives you hints. The hints don't really help much. To scan it, open up the tab near the bottom and it shows you your inventory. Where it says scan items, put your floppy disk in it.

The hints are meant to help you make new items. So far I've been unsuccessful in finding new recipes.. The goal in the beginning is to shoot down as many of those astronauts as you can until you've gotten a large enough floppy disk database.

Tell Me if This Helps. If anyone has any recipes, don't be afraid to post here.
Reply Steve
10:01 PM on October 4, 2011 
mooncraft or eden world builder?
Reply -Jet-
3:48 PM on October 5, 2011 
Steve says...
mooncraft or eden world builder?

I would say Mooncraft. Eden has better controls, but overall Mooncraft is more exciting. More to do than just create things.

Though, Eden World Builder is still a pretty good game.
Reply bob
4:39 AM on April 17, 2012 
this will nead remake minecraft :P